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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Triumph of the Holy Cross

Prayers from New Skete
Sighs of the Spirit from New Skete contains a fine set of presidential prayers many of which could be used in Trinity Daily Prayer or Common Worship Daily Prayer, such as this:

The Prayer for the Hymn of Light
O God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ: On this feast of the holy cross, that luminous beacon shining forth throughout the ages, we cry out to you from our darkness of mind and spirit. let the light of this holy cross blaze forth in our lives, and let i illumine our enemies as well, so that, when it has dispelled the darkness from us all, we may cast off all the antipathy, distrust, and resentment we so easily hold for each other.  As this light transforms and transfigures us, let it bring us together to feast the new creation brought about by your Son.
By the grace and mercy and love for humanity of your only Son, with whom you are blest, together with your all-holy, good and life-giving Spirit: now and forever, and unto ages of ages.

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  1. On Feasts such as Holy Cross Day, I turn to Eric Milner-White's 'My God, My Glory', which still, I feel, contains some of the finest devotional poems/prayers in the Tradition, in particular, 'Invention of the Holy Cross','Prayer beneath the Cross',and 'Ave Crux', beginning

    Thou art welcome, Holy Cross of our God!
    Thou bringest light:
    thou showest the wisdom of God and the power of God.


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