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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Office Hymn for S Matthew 21 September

How great the irony of God
to call you Levi, from Rome's dues:
to take one so despised, unclean:
by pagans hated as by Jews!

Such simple words, "Come! Follow me!"
- and leaving all, you did just that.
Your Saviour gazed into your heart
and saw what taxpayers could not.

The Pentateuch you found fulfilled
in Christ - and five books thus you penned;
a further tapestry you wove
to detail both his birth and end.

The Hebrew scriptures all were threads
you wove together in one cloth:
its pattern culminating in
the Reign of God, now come on earth.

Matthew, indeed, you are God's gift"
 - the chronicler of Jesus' birth.
Your tale has held the world enthralled:
your stories echo still on earth.

Aelred-Seton Shanley Obl. OSB CAm.

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