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Saturday, 1 September 2012

New English Missal Update and Singing the Office in the Parish

Good news for those awaiting the new edition of the New English Missal. Father Rod Cosh tells me that the files are all ready - updates taking into account recent liturgical publications on both sides of the Tiber - and printing will begin soon. Fr Rod's parish prints and binds the Missals themselves (in covered six-ring binders) so it will take a while but well worth waiting for. Here is what I said previously about this project.

Fr Rod's parish also sing Evensong and he has sent the booklet for the forthcoming Birthday of Our Lady. He uses the Meinrad fonts but the traditional plainsong neums. He is clearly a man of meticulous care (unlike the current writer)  as you can see from these snap shots the chant is beautifully prepared. I have created a new folder in Company of Voices Resources called Fr Rod, in the presumptuous hope that more may be available in due course.

Fr Rod asks why I use five stave notation for liturgical music. The simple answer is that when I began producing music using the Meinrad fonts (20 years or so ago) Abbot Alan Rees at Belmont was very kind to me and I sent him everything I did for corrections and comments and he insisted on it. I can't really remember why, but its certainly what they use at Belmont. The other monastic musicians who have been generous with material, Abbot Gregory at Conception and Dom Philip Gaisford at Worth also only use five stave notation. But as you can see this looks very good; Fr Rod asks me to point out that the refrains for the psalms are not the Common Worship texts.

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